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My Membership Group

A deep dive into health and wellness with like-minded women who need to level up their self-care journey.  A six month commitment is encouraged to give yourself the luxury of time to lose the extra weight, develop a positive relationship with your body and self-image and improve your overall self care to eliminate overwhelm. We explore the interrelatedness of the seven core areas of self care including sleep, nutrition, movement, spirituality, relationships, environment and your resilience in response to stressors.  

Membership includes: 

  • Comprehensive on-boarding guide

  • Weekly 60 Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions with Tara

  • Weekly Q & A submission for live Office Hours (optional)

  • NEW Video Courses added monthly on skills in managing your wellness journey

  • Video Courses on each of the seven pillars of health & wellness

  • Curriculum covered over 6 months: 

    • Weight loss​ basics

    • Skills in learning to manage thoughts and emotions

    • Sleep & movement

    • Nutrition, emotional eating, and learning hunger cues

    • Relationships and boundaries

    • Building resiliency skills in times of stress and overwhelm

  • Successful tools recommendations

  • Access to our private community platform for motivation, accountability, social support and connection

Founding Member Price $89/Month

*Price goes up on 2/22 to $120/month

Private Coaching Sessions

You may hit roadblocks that are preventing your growth and progress so private coaching is an opportunity to dial in and focus on your specific needs.  Private Coaching is time reserved just for your to work on what's most important and keep you focused on setting and reaching your goals. 


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is offered to guide a person through the journey of increased self-awareness, getting unmanageable emotions under control, and demonstrated change.  
Specializing in treatment of trauma, anxiety, and major life transitions, therapy is offered address more complex issues that are beyond the scope of life coaching. Therapy falls under clinical psychological services meeting criteria for mental health diagnoses and provides scientifically validated treatment and outcomes.

Self Pay, Highmark & UPMC Commercial Plans


Healthier individuals create healthier communities.  Customized workshops are created for your organization focusing on the core areas of self-care (sleep, nutrition, movement, spirituality, relationships, environment and resiliency) and how to create balance and decrease overwhelm.  Workshops vary from a few hours to several days depending on deep you want to explore each of the core areas and provide your members time to reflect and set goals within the setting.  

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