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From One High Achieving Woman to Another.

I believe you can be both:

- Successful and healthy
- High-achieving and balanced
- Productive but have hard boundaries.
- Support others but put yourself first
- Busy and productive
- A good listeners but listen to your gut before everyone else

You just have to schedule time for you!



About Me


Rooted in Truth


Growing in Grace


Flourishing in Faith


Hi Friend,

I’m so glad you’re here.  I am a lifelong learner, passionate about health and wellness!  


So let me share with you my journey and how I pulled together so many experiences to land here--a health psychologist who is passionate about working with women so that they, too, can find their best version of themselves!


Struggles I experienced: 

- I struggled with food and my weight was a huge part of my childhood and adulthood.


- As a child, I started to use food for comfort and soothing.

- I grew up in a single parent household where processed unhealthy foods were a staple.

- I began to struggle with my weight, body image, and self esteem early on.



I spent the next 3 decades chasing the perfect body through "exercise more and eat less'' mantra. It didn't work. I had thought that I had finally “figured it out” in my mid-30s when I discovered that eating whole unprocessed foods with a rigorous (and unsustainable) workout schedule created the best fitness of my life.  Over the next decade, I got married, had two beautiful children, and resigned from an outstanding career to move across the country for my husband’s career.  Several more transitions later, I saw my weight creeping up until one day I realized, in tears, I was miserable in my body. 


As a health psychologist and health & wellness coach, I had many emotions about the fact that I could not get my weight under control. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and felt defeated.  I had all the tools.  If I was so successful helping others with their wellness journey, why couldn’t I figure out this one aspect of my life for good?  What worked before no longer worked.  So, I hired a weight loss coach and began to heal my own broken relationship with food, my body, and found peace in the journey.


Since then, I developed a strategy combined with the right tools that created sustainable change and peace with food and my body.  

I found embracing truth, giving myself grace, and growing faith were critical components of the healing journey.   The 7 core areas of self-care provides a holistic approach to finding that balance we all crave. 

Some of the tools to get to a better you:


- Begin to see your physical well-being and the way you curate your thoughts as part of your spiritual journey. 

- Break the diet mentality and you will learn the skills to listen to your body’s cues for hunger and satiety. 

- Lose weight when you stop overeating and eating out of emotion. 


As you begin to heal your relationship with your body, food, and self-image, you will also explore the other core areas of well-being and how they interconnect to build a flourishing life.

I want to share this strategy with ALL my tools and teach you how to enjoy living in your body as I believe you were always meant to!

I can't wait to work together! 


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