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Weight Loss & Wellness

for High Achieving Women 

For women who want to find balance.

Be rooted in truth. Growing in grace.

Flourishing in faith.

Rooted in truth.  Growing in grace. Flourishing in faith.

Are you frustrated with how you feel physically?  Are you unable to lose the extra weight you seem to be carrying around? You don't need to "settle" and believe this is just the way it is when we get older. Sure, hormones change.  But the answer is not “just exercise more and eat less!”  If it was, we all would have figured this out years ago!  


So, it's time to create a life where you Flourish! I believe you can have both a successful career and take care or your body, mind and spirit. I know, you've heard it all before. But it's different this time. Because I've actually been in your shoes and I've tried EVERYTHING...and none of it worked.  But I found the process that DOES work and it begins with having the right tools and strategy.  


It's time to let go of any belief that isn't serving you, step into the life you were meant live, flourishing not existing. During times of stress and overwhelm, it is easy to set aside the things that ground us or nourish us and all too easy to revert back to old habits and find ways to buffer the stress.  Time to learn new strategies and feel amazing!


Friend, I've been where you are and I have the strategy and tools to help you evolve to the woman that you want to become! Let's do it together!


Hi Friend,

I'm Dr. Tara Gunther and I’m so glad you’re here!  I am a lifelong learner, passionate about health and well being and devoting my work to helping other women find peace and well-being.  My own journey started with years of struggling with my weight, feeling lost and unworthy, and I chased my desire for acceptance through achievements, goals, and successes.  But the truth is that it never satisfied that deep need for wellness in my soul. Can you relate?  Read More...

If I'm so successful, why can't lose the weight?

3 Core Values that helped me



What is the truth in the way we think? Are our thoughts rooted in facts or fantasy?  We have this amazing ability to think about what we are thinking about.  Yet many of our thoughts are running on autopilot.  Curating our thoughts is essential in the healing process.  We are told to "not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of our mind."


How often do you give yourself grace? We extend grace to our friends and family so much easier than we extend it to ourselves.

Grace can be defined as "do honor or credit to someone or something" or " simple elegance or refined movement."  But we can also look at grace through the divine presence at work in our lives and how we are growing in our ability to live as we were intended. 


Faith, religion, and spirituality

are often ignored or underemphasized in our health journeys.  Yet, it has been my experience that when we bring it into focus, our spirituality can lend depth and support change to any area of health

"I wanted to lose weight but felt like everything I had tried before had only produced very short term results..."

“I began coaching with Dr. Gunther at a time when I felt really stuck.  I wanted to lose weight but felt like everything I had tried before had only produced very short term results and only because I was depriving myself of the things I enjoyed.  I wasn’t motivated to exercise or to restrict my diet and was in a cycle of feeling hopeless, fatigued, stressed out and had basically resigned myself to continuing to gradually put on weight and feel worse about myself.  My sessions with Dr. Gunther helped me identify what was important to me in terms of my goals around wellness and the education she provided me, specifically around intermittent fasting, was truly life changing.  By making small changes, recognizing those successes for what they were, and sticking to a plan, even when the progress was very slow, I was able to lose the weight I wanted and more importantly, to start feeling more positive about my body and my overall health.  I am at the point now where I’ve stopped weighing myself, I go by how my clothes fit and how I’m feeling day to day to know whether or not I need to make any changes.  I’m very happy continuing a 19:5 intermittent fasting schedule most days while retaining the flexibility to mix that up when the situation calls for something different.  I started this process in February, 2020 and am thrilled that a year and a half later I can truly say that I have made a lifestyle change that is better for my health.  No more yo-yo dieting for me and feeling ashamed when the weight came back.  Dr. Gunther’s educational, straightforward style was just what I needed.  She encouraged me to keep going even when the scale was telling me to give up and I am so grateful!”

- Jenna Harper

What Coaching looks like with me

A deep dive into health and wellness with like-minded women who need to level up their self-care journey. A six month commitment is encouraged to give yourself the luxury of time to lose the extra weight, develop a positive relationship with your body and self-image and improve your overall self care to eliminate overwhelm.  What you will receive:

  • Bio individual approach to weight loss

  • Bi-weekly individual coaching sessions with Tara

  • In-between sessions support and encouragement

  • Video courses teaching you skills needed to manage mindset and self-care  


It's time to release
overwhelm and frustration
with your body for good!

You’re exhausted by all of your commitments and feel frustrated with failed attempts to lose weight, focus on your self-care, and feel defeated.  It doesn’t make sense because you are so successful in many areas of your life but you can’t seem to figure out how to balance your own self care or lose weight and keep it off.  


Then you buffer more through food, shopping, over drinking, or mindless scrolling.  


I Can Help You!


Coaching with me teaches you the skills to flourish in mind, body, and spirit drawing on the core values of truth, grace and faith.  It draws on my extensive background in psychology, health, and wellness and adds in the depth of spirituality

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